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Tebaloi gaining in popularity

CORE INGREDIENT: A man moves sago logs on Sungai Tellian in Mukah. Sago flour is the main ingredient for making tebaloi.

MUKAH: Demand for tebaloi has increased not only among locals but also foreign visitors.

Improved marketing and a variety of flavours could be factors that have contributed to an increase in sales for the traditional Melanau snack.

Safiah Sepawi, head of the Mukah Area Farmers Organisation’s Tebaloi Processing Centre in Kampung Tutus Hilir, is among those involved in the cottage industry who earn good incomes making tebaloi.

During the 1Malaysia Media Tour 2012 organised by the Information Department recently, she said the centre had a monthly sales volume of RM40,000.

“We produce 9,000 packets and boxes of tebaloi monthly in three flavours — original, pandan and chocolate flavours.

“The Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (Fama) helps to distribute the products to Kuching, Miri, Bintulu and Brunei,” she said.

Safiah has been in the tebaloi-making industry for 13 years.

Together with five others, she produces 400 to 500 boxes and packets daily.

“The product is sold at RM1.50 per packet and RM2.50 per box.

“Tebaloi in chocolate and pandan flavours are made to add variety to the product and to allow consumers to have wider choices,” she said.

She explained that fresh sago flour, eggs, sugar, shredded coconut and turmeric powder were the main ingredients for making tebaloi.

“The mixture will be rolled on banana leaves and baked in electric ovens for about three minutes.

“It will be cut into required shapes and sizes before being baked again and later packed to be distributed to stalls, supermarkets and other business premises,” she said.




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