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Husband Of Taib’s Cousin Is Anwar’s Goon

taib-mahmud-videoAfter the expose of the opposition’s involvement in Lahad Datu incident, it would seem weird if Sabahans still votes for the opposition in the coming election. Added with how everyone gets to see how the opposition, Anwar especially, does not criticize the Sulu each time the incident is mentioned, instead, they only criticize the government and the country’s security force. It is clear that Anwar is trying to please Sulu as well as MNLF.

However, at the same time, the opposition does not even please the country’s security forces and the families of officers who died during their line of duty. The opposition even claimed the incident as drama, questioned their martyrdom, and some of their supporters even laughed and insulted those fallen heroes.

Their insensitive, unpatriotic and betrayal against Sabah, and Malaysia, is causing them their place in the state.

So, their focus has now moved to Sarawak.

Thus, a ‘short fim’ was then uploaded to YouTube, featuring casts such as Taib Mahmud’s cousins, Norlia and Fatimah Rahman who both had kept their vengeance against the Chief Minister for a very long time.

The video shows the discussion between them and an ‘investor’ as well as a ‘lawyer; regarding the proposal of a ‘back alley investment’ which is not transparent, does not follow any procedure, instead, it only goes through the family of Taib Mahmud and it goes straight to Taib mahmud. The video is claimed to show the world how corrupt Taib Mahmud is.

Looking at the body-language, script , background and the characters which shows as if the video is taken candidly, is questionable. It is clear that the video was recorded intentionally and those who were involved in the video are aware of it.

This is not surprising because as said just now, Taib Mahmud’s cousins do have their vengeance against Taib Mahmud. The vengeance began when 30% from logging concession from their father, Rahman Yakub, was revoked as soon as Taib Mahmud became Chief Minister in 1981. Taib’s excuse, their father practices nepotism where logging licenses were given among the family and close relatives.

The fued in this family gets worse when Rahman Yaakub was sacked from his Yang diPertua Negeri post in 1985. The attack, known as ‘Ming Court Affairs 1987’ was done by raising signatures from ADUN and led a group of Sarawak politicians who were disappointed with Sarawak National Party (SNAP) and PBDS to gather at Ming Court Hotel, Kuala Lumpur to urge on the proposal that they have lost their confidence in Taib’s leadership. However, Taib managed to detect the conspiracy a lot earlier and he called for an emergency election and he barely won with 28 out of 48 seats which later adds to eight more seats from defected ADUN.

ming court affair

Thus, the vengeance of Rahman’s family against Taib Mahmud is inherited by his children.

If this is not enough to show that the video is just an act, Norlia’s husband, Justin Jinggut might be able to explain everything. This is because, Justin Jinggut is one of Anwar’s close friends and he is trying to get the highest place in PKR for the coming GE.

Justin Jinggut is a former Vice President for SNAP and he did compete on BN’s ticket in 1990, however, he lost to Billy Abbit from Independent party. Established in 1961, SNAP used to be one of the component parties for Barisan Nasional Sarawak. The registration of the party however, was canceled on 2002 as they fail to follow ROS notice.

As Vice President, Justin Jinggut decided to file for a judicial review against ROS decision, it was however rejected by High Court in September 15, 2006. In June 23, 2010, Court of Appeal maintained the registration of the party after allowing Justin’s appeal to put aside High Court’s decision.

In February 21, 2012, Federal Court allowed ROS to present the appeal on the decision made by Court of Appeal. However, the decision stayed where SNAP’s registration is cancelled.

So, it is not surprising if Justin is willing to do anything to get back into politics and his wife is prepared to get her revenge against her cousin, Taib Mahmud.

However, it seems that her vengeance is going nowhere because the drama in the video is just too weak.



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